On View at Axis

Strategies for Coping

Eliza Gregory, Muzi Li Rowe, Vincent Pacheco, Joanne Tepper Saffren and Dan Tran

December 5th - December 27th, 2020
Eliza Gregory
Untitled (from the series Connecting)
Archival inkjet print, 8 x 10 inches, 2020 Muzi Li Rowe
Orgone Pyramid
Epoxy resin, e-waste, gold flakes, mirror, 2020 Xanax
Pacheco Vincent
Mixed Media, 2020 oanne Tepper Saffren
Sincerely, Blue (in process)
Clothes, wood, cotton, cyanotype chemicals, sunlight, dye, upholstery foam, metal, 24 x 24 x 24 inches, 2020 Dan Tran
Polar Bear Club
Installation, Lake Tahoe, 2018 Strategies for Coping This show is about strategies for coping with dueling apocalypses. Laughter, tenderness, finding the ground so you can put your feet on it. We are looking for ways forward, for political agency. We are imagining new ways of being, collectively and individually. How do we find each other again? How do we listen, how do we love? How do we serve each other? How do we reconnect to our places, our environment, our neighbors and ourselves? We invite you to be with us. It’s wonderful being with you. Five new Axis members—Eliza Gregory, Muzi Li Rowe, Vincent Pacheco, Joanne Tepper Saffren and Dan Tran—come together to show their work as Strategies for Coping, an exhibition dedicated to building connection across isolation in this particular time and place. Each artist presents work ... Read More


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