On View at Axis

Paper Medium – Roma Devanbu

January 9th - January 31st, 2021
The meaningful and complex relationships that people have with the objects which fill their homes has been a recurring theme in Roma Devanbu’s work for many years. Months of following strict shelter-at-home protocols have further focused Devanbu’s attention on the domestic devices that serve as mediums of vital connection to the people, places and things beyond the constraints of our physical locations. This new body of work includes numerous cut paper interpretations of the tech-magic video meetings that have come to dominate our days. Other works depict objects such as heirlooms or meteorites which have their own power to link us to realms beyond ... Read More


In the East Room

Curators: Beth Rubel and Alex Rubio

January 9th - January 31st, 2021
Axis is pleased to announce Posterwork, an exhibition curated by Beth Rubel and Alex Rubio. Posterwork is an exploration of traditional poster art and design, which have influenced modern life, including politics, culture and diverse industries. Posters continue to be a preferred, printed medium for contemporary graphic artists and activists. MOSAIC student artists present posters featuring compelling graphic design which captures this unique moment in time of cultural and socio-political importance.  ... Read More