On View at Axis

The Weight – Manuel Fernando Rios

September 4th – September 27th, 2020
Everyone carries unique worries, insecurities and burdens on a daily basis. Whether those feelings are self-inflicted or caused by external sources, people bear loads of emotions that are more often than not bottled up. Manuel Fernando Rios’ exhibition at Axis Gallery titled “The Weight” aims to visually explore the feeling of carrying mental baggage. Through mixed media paintings that often include silkscreen and image transfers, Rios weaves intricate compositions full of colorful abstracted and figurative forms capturing the complicated feelings of emotional weight ... Read More


In the East Room

Reflection of Robert E Lee statue visible on iPad that displays a scene from the 2017 Women's March in Washington

Nick Shepard and Jake Seltzer

September 4th – September 27th, 2020
Artists and lifelong friends Nick Shepard and Jake Seltzer collaborated via text message and email to explore the COVID-19 disruptions from multiple perspectives. Shepard’s understated and layered photographs depict past and present scenes as mediated images displayed through the surface of electronic devices. Seltzer’s brash and energetic poems reflect on wide-ranging experiences. Together, the images and words create a complex portrait of this extraordinary moment ... Read More