On View at Axis

Omar Thor Arason – Quantum Collapse

May 1st - May 30th, 2021
Axis Gallery is excited to present new paintings from Sacramento artist, Omar Thor Arason. His current body of work explores the hypothetical overlap between theoretical physics, psychology, religion and mythology. Taking an enthusiast's approach to complex subjects rather than a comprehensive understanding offers exciting implications that are closed to those who possess a deep understanding of the subjects i.e. in many ways the more knowledge is acquired, the more one becomes aware of the limitations and boundaries. The work imagines a reality where these varied fields collide, interweave, and exert their influence on each other, with embedded figures serving as the ever present conscious observer ... Read More


In the East Room

Daniel Alejandro Trejo – Gravity Don’t Pull Me

May 1st - May 30th, 2021
Axis Gallery is excited to showcase the works of artist and curator, Daniel Alejandro Trejo, in a solo exhibition titled “Gravity Don’t Pull Me” in the East Gallery Space for the month of May.

This exhibition is an examination of personal narratives and experiences when environments become unreachable, alter through time, and a reconciliation for the discrepancies are exigent. It is inevitable to be propelled by personal motives for creating work from a bedrock of references and niche experiences. By emulating spaces from a future-oriented disposition that parallel registered sensations, Daniel Alejandro Trejo attempts to achieve familiar relationships while being spatially out of reach ... Read More