12. 2011 – 01. 2012

“The Big Show”
Annual Members Show
>> Review by Victoria Dalkey, The Sacramento Bee

11. 2011

“REM Blue”
Unique prints from the flat files and other works on paper.
by Sandra Beard

10. 2011

“Ron Peetz and Ron Paulat”

09. 2011

“Reflection Spot”
Photographs by Karen Bearson

08. 2011
6th National Juried Exhibition
Juror: Dena Beard, Curatorial Assistant at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA)
>> Review by Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee

07. 2011

Jiayi Young
In collaboration with Shih-Wen Young and M. Azevedo

06. 2011

“At the Edge of the World”
a multi-channel video installation by Ruth Eckland
music by Matt DiFonzo

05. 2011

“Shape Shifting and Forms in Motion”
Birgitta Franzen McCarthy

04. 2011


03. 2011

“Had Enough? (and other questions of pride)”
Photographs from the 90s
Richard Gilles

02. 2011

“Lamp & Endtable Project”
Cherie Hacker

01. 2011
Cherie Hacker, Cherilyn Naughton, Joy Bertinuson, Karen Bearson, Phil Amrhein, Ron Peetz, Janice Nakashima, Richard Gilles, Sandra Beard, Dixie Laws, Jiayi Young, Birgitta Franzen McCarthy and new member Shirley Hazlett.

12. 2010

“Verge at Axis”
Youngsuk Suh, Gioia Fonda, Jeff Musser, Patrick Marasso, Andrew Patterson-Tutschka, Liv Moe and many more

11. 2010

Janice Nakashima

10. 2010

Patricia Wood

09. 2010

“Glitter and Doom”
Joy Bertinuson

08. 2010

5th National Juried Exhibition
Juror: Joe Amrhein, artist and director of Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
>> view Sacramento Bee, Victoria Dalkey’s Review

07. 2010

“Bending the Rules”
Cherilyn Naughton

06. 2010

“Inside, Looking Out”
Relief Prints
Dixie Laws

05. 2010

Tree House and Other Precarious Alignments
Sandra Beard

04. 2010

Jiayi & Shih-Wen Young
Review by DAVID M. ROTH, squarecylinder.com

03. 2010

“Axis 2010 Invitational”
Pamela Blotner, Kurt Dyrhaug, and Stephen Eakin

01. 2010

“Axis Tilt”
2010 Members Show