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Daniel Alejandro Trejo
Studio 2020

Daniel Alejandro Trejo

Daniel Alejandro Trejo

Axis Gallery is excited to showcase the works of artist and curator, Daniel Alejandro Trejo, in a solo exhibition titled “Gravity Don’t Pull Me” in the East Gallery Space for the month of May.

Patches of grass bordered with pavement, asphalt, stairways, narrow sidewalks, benches, and other pedestrian obstacles decorate urban environments. The presence of the body interacting with urban space allows for it to become vulnerable and sensible, catalysts for reinvention. Under the constant risk of disruptive transformation, departure points are established in order to extend our nonstop exploration of represented forms that help us maneuver through the world. Concurrently, the more inaccessible and the further distant the space becomes, it is even more commanding.

This exhibition is an examination of personal narratives and experiences when environments become unreachable, alter through time, and a reconciliation for the discrepancies are exigent. It is inevitable to be propelled by personal motives for creating work from a bedrock of references and niche experiences. By emulating spaces from a future-oriented disposition that parallel registered sensations, Daniel Alejandro Trejo attempts to achieve familiar relationships while being spatially out of reach.

Daniel Alejandro Trejo is a Queer, Latinx, visual artist based out of Stockton CA working in sculpture with an adjacent practice in curatorial projects. He received his BA in Art Studio and Art History from the University of California, Davis. Subsequent to completing his undergraduate studies, he obtained studio residency at Verge Center for the Arts in Sacramento, where he concurrently teaches ceramics to the community as an Educational Associate. He has exhibited in Los Angeles spaces including Monte Vista Projects, SaveArtSpace, and Eastside International (ESXLA), and held his first solo exhibition at The Holland Project in Reno, NV. Trejo was a recipient of the Howard R Kottler Testamentary Trust Scholarship, which supported an intensive two-week residency at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, ME.

Trejo’s curatorial projects include organizing Sacramento Zine Fest, group exhibitions independently and  under his collaborative project, Unibrow Collective. His first international curatorial project featured works from artists based out of Sacramento for QiPO Art Fair 02 in Mexico City. The collaborative projects aim to broaden conversations about practices in under-recognized communities in contemporary discourse, and provide curated spaces for many voices, experiences and situations.