Coming to Axis

Ben Hunt
The Ceiling, Floor and a Television Sky

February 6th - February 28th, 2021
Axis Gallery is pleased to present “The Ceiling, Floor and a Television Sky”, an exhibition of sculpture and photographic works by Ben Hunt. This recent body of work, inspired by Surrealism, Hunt explores imagery taken of skyscapes, landscapes and found objects through the use of synthetic materials such as resin, acrylic and aluminum. The exhibition is on view in Axis’ Main gallery throughout the month of February.

Ben Hunt is a visual artist and fabricator. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, He received his Master of Fine Arts degree, in Spatial Art, from San José State University in 2008. He has exhibited both regionally and nationally and has taught sculpture at both Idaho State University and California State University, Sacramento. Currently, Ben works at California State University Sacramento as instructional and technical staff in the Art Department. He is an active member of Axis gallery in Sacramento where He lives and maintains an art studio practice.
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Coming to the East Room

Richard Gilles
The Sequestered Form

February 6th - February 28th, 2021
In many ways the title of this series speaks for itself. As a photographer, I have always paid close attention to form but subject has always played the leading roll. Now because of COVID-19 isolation, I have been deprived of subject. With this new series of cut paper photographs, form now takes the lead ... Read More
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