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If you have thoughts about what you have seen at Axis Gallery, or general inquiries, we welcome them! Please use the form on this page.

    Showing at Axis Gallery

    If you are using the form on this page to inquire about showing at Axis Gallery, please note that generally the gallery is reserved for members' work. Occasionally members will invite other, non-member artist, to show in the space. Also, Axis usually runs an annual national competition show in August of each year, curated by a prominent member of the art community. There are, occasionally, other competition shows during the year that encourage artists to submit work regarding specific themes or using particular media.

    If you are interested in becoming an artist/curator member of Axis Gallery, we run membership drives every year or two and you can apply during one of those drives. We will advertise our membership drives here on the Axis website as well as on social media. A good way to stay informed of these opportunities is to join our mailing list.