On View at Axis

Bumpy Road

17th National Juried Show

August 5th - August 28th, 2022
Rachelle Agundes
Bumpy Road
Oil on canvas | 20 x 16 inches, 2021 There, Now Here Vol. 1
Helia Pouyanfar
Resin, cement, bricks, suitcase, 28 x 22 in, 2021 Curator's Statement: Seeing in Real/Time Facebook’s rebranding as Meta in Fall 2021 serves as an apt analogy for our times, bringing to the forefront conversations about what constitutes authentic experience and interaction. With close to 5 billion social media users globally, on average internet users worldwide spend an average of 2 1⁄2 hours per day on various social media sites. Meta’s goal of constructing a composite universe melding online, virtual, and augmented worlds is being positioned as the next major social platform. Determining what is “real” and how one defines “real” has become an undeniable and exhausting characteristic of our times. Sometimes what we see isn’t what is actually there. And sometimes what is actually there we aren’t able to see. What is it exactly that we are able to see? Light is refracted off of objects in the world and enters our eyes to activate cells on our retinas that transmit data to the visual cortex region of our brain. The brain processes and interprets this information (and thankfully turns ... Read More


In the East Room

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