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Axis Through the Gift Shop

December 4, 2021 - January 30, 2022
Opening reception: Saturday, December 11th, 5-8 pm
Along with our normal hours
Axis will also be open noon to 5 on Friday the 10th and 17th in December.
Axis Through The Gift Shop is a holiday exhibition offering work from Axis members for immediate sale. It’s a moment for our non commercial gallery to briefly engage in COMMERCE–as a form and in earnest. Come sample our wares, enjoy a who’s-who of the current membership, and celebrate the holidays by bringing home some art for yourself, your family and your friends ... Read More


In the East Room

the push

In Between – Omar Arason

January 7th - January 30th, 2022
Omar Arason
alternative now
oil on canvas, 2022 Omar Arason
Oil on paper, 2022 22" x 30" Omar Arason
Oil on panel, 2022 12" x 12" Omar Arason
Oil on paper, 2013 22" x 30" Omar Arason
Mixed media on paper, 2022, 22" x 30" Omar Arason
the push
Oil and Acrylic on paper, 2022, 12" x 12" Omar Arason
Oil on panel, 2022, 12" x 12" Omar Arason
yes sir its back
Oil on paper, 2022, 12" x 12" Originally slated to be a show of a select few Icelandic artists, the explosive rise of the Omicron
strain rendered the endeavor too strenuous and risky for those involved, and so what was
planned as a group showing quickly morphed into a showcase of recent work by the organizer.
This collection of paintings represents the artist's continued exploration of the visual possibilities
that arise when inspiration is sought from theoretical physics, psychology, history and
mythology. Worlds can merge, timelines collapse and interweave, and alternate realities overlap
and interact. Omar Thor Arason is a Sacramento based painter and educator. He received his BA and MA in
Studio Art from CSU Sacramento, followed by an MFA from ... Read More