Cameron Getty

Hot Wax; Painter's Tape, 2021
Cameron Getty

"See/Saw" highlights work from two recent alumni from the Sac State Photo Program: Amanda Cook and Cameron Getty. Both artists deconstruct and critique the ways we interact with photographic images.

Cook’s work explores her relationship to photography, in particular, throughout the pandemic. For her, social media has been both a connection to the “outside” world and a form of isolation. Her posts can be deeply personal and revealing, while remaining witty and engaging. Cook’s pieces in "See/Saw" explore the feelings of surrender and endurance elicited by the infinite scroll.

In his layered imagery, Getty responds to the ways that avalanches of photographs are used to sell products and ideas. His pictures draw together disparate imagery to point at the commodification of the body and the photo itself.

The exhibit was coordinated and curated by Axis artist and Assistant Professor of Photography, Nick Shepard.

Amanda Cook and Cameron Getty are Sacramento-based artists who graduated from The Sacramento State Photo Program. Amanda Cook completed her degree in 2016. She is a resident artist at Verge, and her varied projects has been seen at the WAL, on, and @yolkie. Cameron Getty graduated in 2020, and is currently an Assistant Photo Editor at Wired. You can see his work at

Nick Shepard, curator, has been a member of Axis since 2017 and teaching at Sac State since 2015. His website is