In the East Room

Axis Gallery 

March Remodeling

Axis Gallery will undergo a remodel of the space during the month of March. As such, we will not hold our regular exhibition program.

Join us again in April 

Virtual Axis

Past, Present, and Future, a Celebration of Axis Gallery

Axis Gallery is proud to present a series of online exhibits celebrating togetherness in this time of COVID-19.  Pairing both current and past members, a new exhibit will be posted every two weeks until we are able to reopen our physical location. We invite you to explore some of the work we have shown in the gallery, new work produced, and even some older pieces very few have seen.  You will also have the opportunity to see a little glimpse behind the scenes with video studio tours, artists sharing their techniques, inspirations and influences, and maybe even a glimpse of what they are working on now.  We are excited to share with you, in our new online space, a chance to continue to reach out to our community and offer another way to bring us all together.